The Lolly Jar is Australia’s Halal Confectionery Company.
What started out as an online store in 2013, we are now wholesaling to stores all over Sydney.

Our mission is to provide quality halal lollies and confectionery to Australia and beyond and to provide the best quality customer service.

For a long time, it has been a challenge to find Halal certified lollies and confectionery in Australia. That is why we have dedicated our entire business to exclusively Halal certified confectionery which are carefully sourced from local and international manufacturers.

We also have our research team analyze our products and consult with the experts in the halal food industry to better understand under what criteria and conditions our products have been certified so that our customers can have the piece of mind they deserve when consuming our products.

We owe our success to our beloved loyal customers who have supported us over the years. It is because of them that we are able to continue to provide the Halal market with our delicious confectionery.